NGC2392 , C39




RA: 07:29:12     DEC: +20ยบ 54' 42"     Dist: n/a KLY     Magnitude: 9.1
Found in Constellation Gemini ( Twins)

Imgage taken: 1/31/2022                       Viewed 162  times

Telescope:  10RC
Aperture:  254 mm
Lens:  .67FR
f-Ratio:  5.4 Focal Length 1371.6 mm
Imaging device:  QHY8L
Guide Camera:  ASI120MC-s
Guide Scope:   ED80 - .5 FR

Mount use: ORION Atlas HDX 110 EQ-G controlled by GSS, EQDIRECT
Guided by PHD2

17 - 600 second subs Captured with CCDciel
Combined and Processed in NEBULOSITY 4.
Final adjustments done in CS4.

To view this image taken by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) click HERE