C2017K2 Panstarrs




Imgage taken: 6/30/2022                       Viewed 187  times

Telescope:  TPO10RC
Aperture:  245 mm
Lens:  .67FR
f-Ratio:  5.4 Focal Length 1323 mm
Imaging device:  QHY8L
Guide Camera:  ASI120MC-s
Guide Scope:   ED80 - .5 FR

Mount use: ORION Atlas HDX 110 EQ-G controlled by GSS, EQDIRECT
Guided by PHD2 18-300 second subs Captured with CCDciel
Combined And Processed in NEBULOSITY 4.
Final adjustments done In CS4 .

To view this image taken by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) click HERE

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